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It ain't bad trust me ;)

It was bad to write. I’ll say that. 🙈🙊

Your threesome smut was a mess, a hot mess. Jesus girly you tryin to kill me? ❤️

I completely agree that it’s a mess. It’s so bad like I can’t even.

Steve and Dallas Bondage smut 

You, Steve, and Dally were all hanging out at Dallas place. You all went to Bucks and got drunk. You all went back up to his room. They were both all over you. You smirked and started to pull off their clothes.

“You want to try something new?” Dallas asks as you pull off Steve’s shirt.

“Why not?” You shrug. You were almost too drunk to really know what was going on.

Dallas pulled out hand cuffs and chains as Steve finished up dressing you. You were laying on the bed as the cuffed your hands to the head rest. They smirked as they hand their hands over your body. They tied your chains to your ankles and spread your legs and chained it to the end of the bed. You tried to move but you could barely. You watched them take their boxers off and their erections spring up.

“Oh wait.” Dallas got a blind fold and covered your eyes.

You heard them move around and one put on a condom. You felt the bed to down on both sides of your head and one between your legs. You felt the head of one of them on your lips and you opened up. You left the head slide into your mouth. You sucked hard since that’s all the you could do. You heard Dallas groan and knew he was the one on top of you.

You felt Steve rub your clit lightly with his thumb. Without any warning Steve rammed into you. You moaned against Dallas. Steve kept his usual fast pace making you moan. Dallas thrust roughly into your mouth. He about gaged you he went in so deep. You felt Steve in your stomach with how hard and deep he was going. You felt one of them grab your breast and roughly squeeze them. You moaned and came closer to your orgasm. Steve slowed down as you tightened around him.

Dallas thrust started to get sloppy as he came close. Steve rammed in hard once and hit your g-spot. You shook with your orgasm. Your moan made Dallas release in your mouth. You swallowed his cum. He pulled out and you licked his head and shaft clean. Steve came right after and release inside you. He pulled out. You laid still as they caught their breath. You felt them get up and release your hands and legs. You undid your blind fold. You curled up to Steve’s chest and Dallas spooned up close to you. You all pasted out from being tired and drunk. 

This is a mess. I’m sorry