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Hey everyone! It's Sarah I am 17. I write so request something! New Imagines every day though the month of July. Feel free to talk to me!

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Darry and Dally threesome smut 

It was a boring day so you went over to the Curtis’s. You walked inside and heard Darry and Dally talking in the kitchen. You quietly listened into what they were talking about.

“So how many girls have you slept with?” Darry asked Dally,

“No Idea. Lost count.” He shrugged taking a drink. “How many threesomes have you had?” Dally asked Darry.

“None, have you?” Darry didn’t think about it.

“Nah, I tried but never could find a girl.” He sounded upset.

You went and stood in the door way to the kitchen. “What about threesomes?” You smirk looking at them.

Dally looked at you. “What about you?”

“Not yet, but I’m willing.” You smirk at them.

“Well, I’m in.” Dally stands up and looks at Darry.

“Might as well.” He gets up and follows you two to the bedroom. He locks the door as you make out with Dally, Darry undoes your jeans from the back and slides them off. He then starts to undress himself. After he is undressed you turn around and roughly push your lips against his as Dally unbutton your shirt and leaves you in your bra and underwear. He undresses himself and starts to rub your clit though your wet underwear.

You pull away and go lay on the bed after they take your undergarments off. You rub yourself and mess with your breast, they watch getting hard. Dally pulls a condom out and slides it on as Darry gets on top of you sticking his hard cock on your lips. You lick his head and suck on the tip of his member, he lets out some light grunts, along with some precum in your mouth.

Dally spreads your legs and rams into you. You moan into Darry, Dally thrust hard in you ask he grabs your breast and massages them roughly. You ran one hand up and down his shaft and you slowly moved up and down on him, taking more in every time. You picked up speed when you got his whole length in. You reach back with your other hand and squeeze Dally’s ass getting to go harder and faster. He moves one had and rubs your clit as he thrust.  He lets outs loud grunts for all the effort he is putting out. Dally keeps his speed up as you close. Darry ran his fingers through your hair as he got close.

“Damn it (Y/N)” He grunted as he released into your mouth. You swallowed as you came with your orgasm.  Dally gave a few more thrust and came. Darry got off and sat with his back to the wall and Dally laid in you.

“That was better than I thought.” You say in awe after you catch your breath.

They both nod their head in agreement.  “Wow you are good.” Darry gets up and gets dress as you and Dally to do.

“Lets make this a regular thing.” Dally smirks. 

when i see your url idk i just think your blog is really really cool:) like i think youre a really awesome person and imb into all the things you reblog like the outsiders and dirty dancing etc and i love your writing :) i think your blog is chill as fuck

Aww thank you! :) That’s so nice, Yay we like the same things! aww thank you! :) I try to be chill 

When I stepped out into the bright sunlight, from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman, and a ride home.The Outsiders (1983)

What’s my reputation? What do you think when you see my URL? 


"Nobody puts Baby in a corner." - Dirty Dancing (1987)


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