Stay Gold

Hey everyone! It's Sarah I am 17. I write so request something! New Imagines every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday! Feel free to talk to me!

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I think that you are supper pretty. Don't listen to any one if they try to tell you different.

Well thank you! That’s really nice! Aww 

Your writing is more Gold than Ponyboys hair. (That's a good thing.)

Aww that’s clever! Aww I really like that! Thank you! :) You are so sweet

I'm not just saying this because you rebloged the post but I love your writing. I truly do. I can read your writing for hours.

Aww thank you lovely! That’s so nice, aw you made my day. :)


Reblog if you want me to spam you with super nice anons. I’m doing this to everyone that reblogs. I promise. xoxoxo

always    please    

"Just don’t forget that some of us watch the sunset too."


It’s about personal development. It’s about creating your own character and pushing it to the limit. It’s about pushing yourself so far out of your own and everybody else’s idea of who you are and what you’re capable of, that you no longer believe in limits. It’s about reaching beyond your so-called potential, because your potential is never where you or anyone else expects it to be, not even close. It’s about being able to say with the last breath of your life “I used all my potential and all my talents and pushed myself to the limit. I could not have fought any harder.

-Charlotte Eriksson  

Are you not writing everyday now that it's august? :(

No, it was so much work to get them all up, and since I start practice and school soon I’m going back to my Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule I really hope you understand! Oh and no imagine this Saturday, I’m taking it off too. Sorry guys