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Hey everyone! It's Sarah I am 17. I write so request something! New Imagines every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday! Feel free to talk to me!

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if your list of things to write isn't to big I was wondering if maybe you could write your first time with Dally? Thank you so so so much.

It’s pretty long but I’ll try and get to it as soon I as can lovely! :) thank you!

Holy wow. I just spent like three hours reading everything. You are such a good writer! Keep up the good work! :D

Aww wow that you so much! That’s so sweet and nice of you lovely! Thank you! :)

Please do a two bit smut, When he dating your sister,You and him end up making love you guys showing you guys love,Then when you guys are done your sister walked in and sees us,Then two bit breaks up and ask you out and you say yes,Please do

Of course lovely! :)

Hi! I was wondering if I could have a ship?? My name's Jo, I'm short, with brown hair and eyes. I like to read a lot and watch movies. Um, I'm awkward, clumsy, and a huge dork. I'm very sarcastic (it's a bad habit) and I usually say things that make people look at me and ask "Why are you talking?" (I say really weird things. It's another bad habit.) this may seem irrelevant, but one feature I like about myself are the freckles going across my nose. Thank you and I hope you have a good day/night!

Steve! He loves to cuddle and lay with you while you read and watch movies. He loves how you are awkward, he finds it cute along with your dorkyness. He tried to teach you how to do a front flip but you were to clumsy too and it made him laugh. He loves when you are sarcastic, you both go back and forth with the remarks. He loves all the random weird things you say. He loves the freckles that are on your nose.

Me & greasy-curtis

twerk4tommy- you are really nice and sweet, I really like your blog too! 

greasy-curtis- I don’t know them but I’m sure they are really nice! I bet they have an amazing blog too!

Can I have a ship please? I'm about 5,3 and slim. I have tan skin and really thick long black hair and brown eyes. Kinda like jasmine from Aladdin. I dress kinda boho/hippie and I like to dance but not like hard core. Ummm I'm really clumsy and stuff. Haha I like long walks and hate rude people. Im really nice and a people pleaser. I trust everybody right away which always bites me in the ass. Okay so yea. Thank you!

Ponyboy! He loves your hair and he always plays with it. He loves your style. He likes when you dance together or if he catches you dancing then he stops and watches you. He loves when you trip but he always helps you back up. You always go on walks together. He loves when you always put others before yourself. 


I haven’t talked to them but I’m sure they are really nice! Also they have a nice blog, I like the posts!