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Hey everyone! It's Sarah I am 17. I write so request something! New Imagines every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday! Feel free to talk to me!

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Ship please?(: I'm short and skinny. I have greenish brown eyes. I love rock n roll. I love to read. I'm flirty and don't like relationships unless I really develop feelings. I'm comforting. I have brown hair. All my friends say I'm funny and crazy. Thanks your awesome!!(:

Two-bit. You love to listen to music together and he lays with you as you read. You spend for ever just flirting with each other since you both enjoyed it. Neither of you are big on relationships but you guys finally decide to make it official. He loves how you can be comforting and when you make jokes and get crazy. 

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No more ships for a couple days guys. I feel like I’m getting annoying posting them so much. In a couple days you can send some more in. 

Could I have a ship? I'm 5'3 with dark brown hair and blue-grey eyes. I'm clumsy/awkward but also pretty sassy. I like to laugh and goof around most of the time but I can also be serious when necessary. I love listening to good bands and watching horror movies. Thanks x

Two-bit. He loves to play with your hair. He loves how you are clumsy and always makes jokes about it. When it gets awkward hes always there with a joke. He loves when you get sassy with him. He find it hot. He loves to make you laugh and goof around with him. He hates when you get serious since he never does. He loves to lay with you while you listen to music. Also to scare you while watching horror movies. 

Could I have a ship please? I'm short with dirty blonde hair and greenish eyes. I like to think I can stick for myself and I think I'm pretty tough. I love to draw and paint and I'm pretty independent and self-sufficient. I'm usually really nice but if you get on my bad side then watch out. Thanks so much!!

Darry. He loves how you are short because he can easily pick you up and hold you tightly. He likes when you stand up for your self because he find it cute since you are so small. He loves to lay with you while you draw and paint. It helps him relax. He likes how you are independent like him. He loves how nice and sweet you are to the gang but if they make you mad you give it to them. 

Hey:) Can you ship me please? I'm 5'6 and 17 years old. I've dirty blonde hair, a kond of pale skin and , green-brown eyes. I'm very shy around people I don't know and very insecure in general. Tbh I'm very self-conscious and find it difficult to trust anybody, but as soon as I'm closer to someone I can be very talkative. Normally I like to listen to the others and also help them when they need some advice or something, but I don't like talking about myself, to avoid the feeling of bothering sb.

Johnny. He loves to play with your hair. He tries to lift your self esteem. It took you a while to trust him but when you finally did he helped a lot. He loves how talkative you are now. He loves when you listen to him talk about everything he has gone though. He loves when you talk about yourself even if you rarely do. 

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Can you ship me please? I've got icy blue eyes and black longish hair. People always ask why I hate everyone but I don't even know myself. I'd rather be alone than with people who I have to pretend to like. I do have a few close friends but that's it. I do t open up much but when I do, you know you are my close friend. Thankyou!

Dally. You both just stay alone a lot. neither of you really like people and you like to just be together or by yourself. He loves how you only have a few friends that you are close too. He loves when you open up to him. It makes him feel special.

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I want to rp. So if we have talked or in a mutual message me please 

I want to rp. So if we have talked or in a mutual message me please 



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You lose your virginity 

Ponyboy- It was chirstmas day and you were at the Curtis’s. “Here.” He smiled handing you a note it read, I have special night planed for us after. You smiled and after you ate he took you to a motel for some privacy. You sat down on the bed together. “If you want to we can, if not I just really want to spend the night with you.” He smiled. You wrapped your arms around his neck and laid down leading into a wonderful night. He was shy and nervous but made you go crazy.

Sodapop- You and Sodapop had been dating for about 8 months and were crazy for each other. “Babe, do you think you are ready to take the next step?” He was rubbing the small of your back as you laid together watching tv.

You lifted you head and looked in his eyes. “Do you love me?”

“Of course Babe.” He kisses you forehead.

You nod as you slowly kiss him. He carries you back to his bedroom. He was caring and made sure you were comfortable the entire time.

Johnny- It was Johnny’s birthday and you were laying together at the lot. You laid you head on his chest. “Johnny, I know I have been trying to keep putting it off, but for your birthday do you want to do it?” He sits up and looks at you.

“You sure?” You take his hand and head back to your house. You took control since he was to shy too. You easily made his night.

Steve- Steve asked you a couple weeks ago and you were too nervous. He tried to avoid the subject for a couple weeks. “Steve.” You sat on his lap. “You know what we talked about a couple weeks ago?” He nods. “Well I want too.” You smile.

“Are you sure? I don’t want to make you.”

“I am.” You kiss him as he get to bed. He teases you and you whine at him. He smirks and finishes you.

Two-bit- Two always would crack jokes about doing it but you never ended up doing it. You were laying with your head on his lap watching mickey. He made another joke and you got tired of it. “When are going to do it instead of joking about it?” You sit up and look at him.

“You want too?” He looks at you in shock.

“Yeah.” You looked down. He quickly pulls you in for a kiss and takes you to bed. He makes you go crazy and makes you laugh.

Dallas- It was a wild night at Buck’s party. You went up to his little room, you were just making out before long you were skin to skin. You really liked Dally, well you loved him but you would never tell him that. He went fast and hard.

Darry- Darry and you had been talking about it for months, it was the kind of person both of you were. It was hard to get the house to yourself but you made a nice dinner and it was a sweet romantic evening. He kept checking to make sure you are okay the entire time. After you laid together and went to sleep. 

Curly- You guys were hanging out drinking walking around. It didn’t take long for you to be all over each other. He pulled you in to an empty alley and you started to rip your clothes off. 

Tim- He made you come over and you had a sweet dinner date. You knew something was up but you didn’t really know what. After you ate he pulled you on to the couch with him and slowly kissed you neck. You got on his lap and started getting hard. He asked if you wanted to go farther and you pulled him into the bedroom. 

*This is more of your first time but its hard, I didn’t want to write like 7 full imagines so they are really open, if you want a full imagine on one let me know.* *Also I’m going to start trying to add curly and Tim to them, do you guys like it or no?*